Who am I?

I was born in Namibia, the most beautiful country in the world! I have traveled extensively and love meeting new people and learning about their culture. My love for mother earth and being in nature comes from my family. My father enjoyed nature photography as a hobby and my mother was a keen enthusiast of the healing powers of plants and animals. She always taught me all about them when we were out in nature.

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What I do

Please ensure that you read all the information about my services, qualifications and TERMS AND CONDITIONS on my website before booking your appointment. I am not a psychologist, psychiatrist, medical doctor or licensed counselor. I am a hypnotist, qualified in clinical hypnosis, group hypnosis, analytical hypnosis and spiritual hypnosis. I am also a holistic healer and Reiki master, certified holistic massage therapist, NLP life coach, kid’s life coach and domestic violence victim service provider. I am a registered Psychotherapist in Colorado.

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Wanda Voight

E-mail: wandafolife@gmail.com

Phone: (719) 644-7014