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Welcome to the amazing world of Hypnosis. Here I will share everything Hypnosis related.

It is my life’s mission to further advance the knowledge of hypnosis to the general public and to demystify all misconceptions that surround hypnosis.

Please check in regularly as I update my website at least once a month to keep my content fresh and relevant.

Let me tell you a little about how hypnosis became such a huge part of my life and who I am today…

I grew up in a very strict Christian home, so naturally, I was taught that hypnosis is devils play and not to be messed with. But as I started studying the human mind and how hypnosis work, I realized that my love for hypnosis started when I was just a tiny girl. I’ve always been the daydreamer. The one staring out the window instead of looking the teacher in her eyes when she tried to teach us.

Each night my mother would try to get me to fall asleep by telling me to relax my hair, my forehead, my eyes until she got to my toes. She would tell me to just focus on my breathing and relax my whole body. She blatantly denied it, of course when I told her that she hypnotized me to sleep!

But hypnosis is such a natural state to be in. We all dive in and out of it daily. Especially children.