7 ingredients to a happy life

Much like a music or sports coach, a kids life coach teaches your child to be at the top of their game and dance to the beat of their own drum.

At the heart of what I do as a kids life coach is to assist families in finding balance, connection and new solutions to old problems. Teaching children and teens self-awareness, self-love, self-expression, taking responsibility for their own lives and the life skills to live out to their full potential.

My coaching is non-judgemental and client-centered. We leave all labels and negativity at the door and work with positive psychology, motivation, and inspiration to ensure your child knows that they are awesome and fully capable of being a leader in their own right and create their own legacy.

I am part of a global group of kids life coaches all over the world who collaborate together as a team of individuals whose life mission it is to make a difference in as many children’s lives as possible. Together we lean on each other for support and advice, share resources and information and learn from one another on a daily basis.

Family goals

My kid’s life coaching sessions can be done one on one or in a group setting. Normally I work with the whole family to fully understand the dynamics involved. Our first session will be with the whole family together. This is where everyone will get to know me and what the program involves. It is a fun, light session with no judgments, blaming or negativity.

We will play a few games together and watch a short film explaining the program in detail. If everyone is on board and excited to be involved, we will continue with the program. If not, I will refer you and your family to another professional and give you the resources you need to continue on your journey to find peace.

I also work with school counselors, psychologist, and medical professionals as part of your child’s recovery or rehabilitation program. If you would like to include my program in your child’s healing journey, kindly fill out the contact form, email me or phone my friendly front desk staff to set up your appointment.

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