As we all know…our pets are a huge part of our families and our children just like our human children. We love them just the same.

I am a proud distributor of Life’s Abundance premium health products for cats and dogs. Please contact me for more information or to stock up with your furry child’s favorite healthy products. Why do I promote these products? It’s simple…I have done my research to find the best products for my own pets and discovered that these products were the best on the market. These are the reasons why…

These products are inspired by nature and informed by science. It is not influenced by the latest wellness fads. Each product is carefully researched and developed by experts in their fields. The company has cultivated long-term relationships with a handful of carefully selected ingredient suppliers and manufacturers. All of this allows me to provide my customers with high quality products and keeps my own pets healthy and happy.

Did you know that there have been over 1,000 pet product recalls since 2007? Unfortunately, many consumers don’t learn about product safety problems until they hit the news media, which in some cases can be too late. At Life’s Abundance, they take a different approach to safety. Their products are not available on store shelves because it’s imperative to control them from conception to manufacture, storage to delivery in order to ensure their quality and efficacy. Because they have a direct relationship with each customer, they know the lot number of every product they ship. As a result, their quick response communication can notify customers the same day in case they discover an issue.

Because of the complexity involved in retail distribution, many leading pet food brands can take months and months between when the product is manufactured to when it gets to the end consumer. Life’s abundance produce small, frequent batches, which helps guarantee freshness. The food not only tastes better, it retains its full nutritional potency, too!

Life’s abundance pet foods are so nutritious that, pound-for-pound, they provide more meals than most other premium brands.

Customer Service

They provide a high level of customer service. Their friendly and professional Customer Care Advocates answer every call with no automated maze of telephone menu options. They also reply to every email from their customers with individualized and timely responses. But that’s not all! 90% of all orders take only two days to reach destinations within the continental United States, thanks to their distribution centers in Florida, Connecticut, California and Illinois.

Please follow the link to purchase your Life’s abundance products or click on each product to view more information about the product.






I also do animal Reiki which brings compassionate care and healing for your pet.

  • Animal reiki reduces stress – relaxes nervous pets/animals
  • Helps emotional issues – creates a place of peace and safety
  • Great for trauma – PTSD – rescues – lost & missing pets
  • Done at my place or in the comfort of your home
  • Especially good for fearful, scared, hard to transport cats and dogs
  • Natural and safe to use with any other treatments, Rx’s, remedy’s and protocols
  • Reiki for animals are used by many vets and professional offices
  • Reiki is approved by VA for Veterans
  • Used in Hospices for humans and animals alike!
  • Works independently of any religion or spiritual belief system
  • Animals are very accepting of Reiki because they themselves gives us Reiki every time you cuddle with them.

Please contact me for more information or book a Reiki session for your furry child right here –

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