T’s & C’s

The information presented here is intended to offer you more detail on some of the regulations and state laws of hypnotism and my services in general, as well as other information. These laws are constantly changing so this page will be updated accordingly.

Remember that if at any time we decide that my services are not for you or if you demonstrate symptoms of medical issues or psychological disorders, I will urge you to avail yourself of the best allopathic medical and psychological professional services that you can obtain. Even though I work very closely with these professionals amongst others, hypnotism is always complementary to these traditional disciplines. If you are already under the care of these professionals, I will need a formal referral from them and we will work with them to your advantage.

I will always refrain from diagnosing any illnesses or prescribing any form of medications. I do use aromatherapy oils as one of my modalities and will advise you as to which oils would suit you best according to the information you provide me.

 I can assure you that anything said in sessions will be regarded as confidential and will not be disclosed. However, there is a fundamental difference between the kind of confidentiality I can promise as a hypnotist and the sort promised by physicians, psychologists, and certain other professionals. I can promise “basic confidentiality”, but I cannot promise legal privilege, which is a more powerful sort of confidentiality.

“Basic Confidentiality” means that I do not intend to disclose information shared with me by a client. At most, this promise of confidentiality exists as a civil contract. If I break the confidentiality I have promised, I might be civilly sued for breaching an implied contract with my client. However, I would not be in violation of any law. In addition, if I am placed under oath at a legal proceeding, a judge has the right to order me to break my promise of confidentiality if the judge sees fit.

From time to time, I may need to discuss a client’s care with hypnotism instructors or supervisors, or other professionals. Prior to disclosing confidential information for these purposes, I will always consult my client first to obtain a signed “Release of Confidential Copyright © 2008-2016, Kaleidolife Healing Space. All Rights Reserved. Information” form, from the client to ensure that the client consents to my plan to discuss their care with a third party.

DISCLAIMER: This Mandatory Disclosure Statement is necessary to  prove compliance with § 12-43-214, C.R.S., of the Mental Health Practice Act, § 12-43-101 et seq., C.R.S. As a registered,  and certified  mental health professional in the State of Colorado, I am responsible for ensuring that my practice and I are in compliance with the provisions of the Mental Health Practice Act and any other state or federal statute governing the disclosure of information to clients. While the information below will be included in your Mandatory Disclosure Statement pursuant to § 12- 43-214, C.R.S., that you will have to sign before we can start our journey together, I have also included it here on my website to further eliminate any confusion that might arise from my services. I have included additional information that specifically applies to my mental health practice.

  1. I Wanda Voight, are the owner and operator of Kaleidolife Healing Space, Colorado Springs, CO.

Address: Colorado Springs                                                                                                                   Telephone number: (619) 618 – 9439                                                                                                         E-mail address: wandafolife@gmail.com

2. I am a registered Psychotherapist in Colorado Springs, CO. A Registered Psychotherapist is a psychotherapist listed in the State’s database and is authorized by law to practice psychotherapy in Colorado, but is not licensed by the state and is not required to satisfy any standardized educational or testing requirements to obtain a registration from the state.

3. My qualifications include –

  1. Certified through the Natural Healing Foundation as an Alternative counselor in 2008. My 600 hours included Crisis counseling, Healthcare management, Introduction to Hypnotherapy, Stress management and Diet and nutrition.
  2. Certified through the Healing Hands International Massage Academy as a holistic massage therapist in 2009. My 500 hours included Sports massage, Swedish massage, Aromatherapy and Lymph drainage massage.
  3. Certified through the South African Institute of Hypnotism for Self-mastery through autohypnosis in 2009
  4. Certified through the South African Institute of Hypnotism in Basic Hypnosis in 2010
  5. Certified through the South African Institute of Hypnotism in Advanced Hypnosis in 2010
  6. Certified through the South African Institute of Hypnosis in group hypnosis, scripting, suggestion sets and conversational hypnosis techniques in 2010
  7. Certified through the South African Institute of Hypnosis in analytical hypnotherapy in 2010
  8. Certified through the Marol Institute as a massage course facilitator and trauma release specialist in 2011. My 600 hours included Holistic massage techniques, EFT, Reflexology, Indian head massage, and hypnosis trauma release techniques
  9. Certified through the YWCA San Diego as domestic violence counselor in 2013
  10. Certified through Coursera in the basic guiding principles of the clinical psychology of children and young people in 2014
  11. Bennett/Stellar University diploma in Hypnosis Mastery in 2015
  12. Bennett/Stellar University diploma in clinical hypnotherapy in 2015
  13. Bennett/Stellar University diploma in Reiki level 1 & 11 in 2015
  14. Bennett/Stellar University diploma in Neuro-linguistic life coaching in 2015
  15. Bennett/Stellar University diploma in Dreamsculpting in 2015
  16. Bennett/Stellar University diploma as a Communications and life mastery specialist in 2015
  17. Bennett/Stellar University diploma as a Timeline coach and trauma release specialist in 2015
  18. I have nine years experience in all of the above, as Kaleidolife Healing Space existed and have been operational since 2009 in South Africa.

4. As a registered Psychotherapist in the state of Colorado, I am regulated by the division of regulatory agencies in Colorado, (DORA).

NLC number – 0107392

Professional and Occupational Licenses questions:DORA
1560 Broadway, Suite 1350
Denver, CO  80202
5. As a client, you are entitled to receive open communication between you and your therapists and to receive information about the methods of therapy, the techniques used, the duration of therapy and the full fee structure.
6. You, as the client have the right to seek a second opinion from another therapist or may terminate therapy at any time.
7. In a professional relationship, sexual intimacy is never appropriate and strictly prohibited. Any such behavior from a client or professional will be reported to the licensing board and proper authorities immediately.

8. Any information provided by the client during therapy sessions is legally confidential in the case of a registered psychotherapist, except as provided in § 12- 43-218 and except for certain legal exceptions as identified above.

9. As a registered psychotherapist, I am listed in the state’s database and is authorized to practice psychotherapy in Colorado but is not licensed by the state and is not required to satisfy any standardized educational or testing requirements to obtain registration from the state.