Wendy’s love – 03/09/2019

I feel a lot more relaxed and the pain has definitely decreased. Your energy is an amazing addition to your healing power. You have opened my eyes and I feel this is the right path for me to take to balance myself and become the best me that I can be so that I can become a better nurse and person and help more people myself. Thank you so very much!

Rosalinda’s love

In the year of working with and getting to know Wanda, she has proven to be detail oriented, soft-spoken, a geniune listener, and very pleasant to work with.

We worked together at the YWCA domestic violence shelter in San Diego and she assisted me with weekly client meetings, developing and assisting the clients.

I highly recommend Wanda for anything that accentuates her
knowledge and empowerment.

Charles’s love

Wanda is very committed to helping others. She has a genuine love for people and works hard to help and develop them.

Cheryl’s love

Felt very comfortable and relaxed. Easy to tell all my truths of the past. Telling my feelings came easy. Hypno session was calming. Looking forward to more sessions.

Sonja’s love

Friends recommended I contact Wanda Voight to help me work through a very challenging time in my life. At first, I was sceptic as my issues were personal, but after our first Skype meeting, I felt at ease and ready to resolve these matters.
Wanda was very comforting and her overall relaxing approach and professional confidence melted my resistance to talking to a stranger about my personal needs.
I couldn’t believe how relieved and much “stronger” I felt after our Skype sessions. Wanda showed me ways to cope with my anxiety and fears, she opened avenues of thinking that would have never occurred to me.
I am very grateful for this experience and would recommend Wanda to anyone that needs a helping hand in tough times.
Wanda is now working with my daughter in helping her to cope with her school stress and I can see a great improvement already.

Tara’s love

Things have still been going well for me! I am still focused on the steps listed. I still continue to have a great sense of self awareness and I am loving my self. I have stressful days, but I can’t think about the last time when I’ve said anything negative to myself.
My drive for accomplishing my dreams is still there and I am very motivated.
I can’t thank you enough for giving me this clarity in my life!

Charl & Francis’s love

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the gigantic labor of love you have invested in our children over the past few weeks. Thank you for helping them find the love in this world. 

All our love

Charl & Francis