Kaleidolife Healing Space

Who am I?

Hello friend!

It’s so nice to meet you. Let me introduce myself…

I am your healing facilitator. I am internationally qualified in clinical hypnotherapy, transformational life coaching for adults and children, holistic healing massage and Aromatherapy and I am a registered Psychotherapist in Colorado. I see my clients online or at my downtown Colorado Springs office where I have created a very welcoming, calm and tranquil healing space. You can read my terms and conditions here for more information about my services.

I am from Namibia, Africa where I grew up surrounded by animals and nature. My love for nature was further nourished by my father’s love for nature photography and my mother’s keen interest in the healing powers of plants and just being out in nature whenever we could. Hanna the chameleon was inspired by my pet chameleon I had as a child. Read more about Hannah the chameleon here.

My mother and I loved playing out on the dunes and having fun with our pet meerkat, Jeremiah.


I have always had a natural sense of humanity and our inherent healing energies, but it took me a long hard way to find myself, learn from my mistakes and heal from my own wounds before I could be of service to others.

I have studied the mind-body connection and the psychological reasons behind human behavior for as long as I can remember and has always had a keen interest to not only learn about my own self but helping others discover themselves.

I love the idea that we are the authors of our own stories and that we are truly the only masters of our lives. But as I have learned, in our yearning for acceptance and unconditional love we sometimes allow others to have way more control over our lives than they should. We can only truly be happy if we love ourselves unconditionally and free ourselves from the burden of worrying about what others say and think about us.

Learn to dance to your own drum!

Kaleidolife means living a full spectrum, colorful life. Free from any old emotional trauma that might be preventing you from living the life you deserve.

Kaleidolife healing space started as a very small holistic healing center in the heart of Africa in 2008. Since then she has grown, expanded and spread her wings worldwide. I am a never-ending student of life and I love traveling and meeting new people. Studying cultures and diversities is one of my passions.

We are all fiercely and wonderfully created with a purpose. Let me walk beside you in finding what your purpose is. Together we can heal and learn from the past, enjoy the present moment and DreamSculpt your perfect future.

I would love to chat with you personally soon. You can email me at wandafolife@gmail.com or phone me at (719) 644-7014.