Who am I?

I was born in Namibia, the most beautiful country in the world! I have traveled extensively and love meeting new people and learning about their culture. My love for mother earth and being in nature comes from my family. My father enjoyed nature photography as a hobby and my mother was a keen enthusiast of the healing powers of plants and animals. She always taught me all about them when we were out in nature.

My mother and I playing with our pet meerkat in Namibia’s sand dunes…


From an early age, I have been an empath and loved healing and listening to people talk. My first encounter with hands-on healing was in a small, rock church in Namibia where the nuns used to lay their hands on people while praying for them softly. I saw miraculous healings happen right in front of my eyes and so I grew up believing that we are spiritual beings in a human body with supernatural gifts inside all of us. Some people know this and use their gifts for the good of humanity. Some know this and use their gifts to manipulate and control others. And some are just not interested and are ignorant of their own power.

Being aware of your own gifts does not make you superior to anyone else. No human being on this earth is better or higher than the next person. I do not believe in superiority or authority. I believe that we are all equal and here for a reason. We all have our own paths to walk and will encounter different situations and have different experiences that will enlighten us and teach us very valuable lessons.

I am only human and I too have fallen into the trap of control, fear, and abuse for a very long time. I was totally lost in the maze of growing up and truly finding myself. Today, I can look back at my life and be grateful for all the pain, suffering and adversities I have had to deal with. I will not share too much here but believe me, I had to learn my lessons the hard way.

Going through all of this myself has left me humble and grateful. It has made me even more of an empath with a deep understanding of life and humanity. It has left me scarred, but healed and wiser. I now have such appreciation and compassion for people and what they have to deal with in their lives.

My own pain and suffering has given me a deep yearning to understand the psychological reasons behind human behavior and led me on a long self-discovering journey. Since then I have studied the human mind and mind-body connection intensively and have discovered that not one human on this earth can proclaim to be a guru or know it all as we are all continuous students of life.  We are all uniquely and wondrously created and connected by energy and as mother earth evolves, so do we.

Through my life journey, experiences and studies, I have built up a resource library and the skills and wisdom to share and heal those around me. I know that I cannot heal the world, but as a good friend of mine recently told me…small little drops of goodness is all we need.

My intention is to always be there for anybody willing to start their own healing journey. To walk beside them and create a safe space for them to heal at their own pace.  To teach and learn on equal ground and to truly listen and understand without judging.

What you believe will be. You create your thoughts, your thoughts create your intentions, and your intentions create your reality. I live in a beautiful, colorful, positive, happy world and I invite you today to come live in my world.